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crimp jaws

Welcome to DS Precision Engineering Crimp Jaws Department. One of the worlds premier manufacturers of Crimp Jaws for the Food Packaging industry.

Crimpjaws.co.uk is a division of DS Precision Engineering Ltd, a company based in Liversidge West Yorkshire specialising in the manufacture of parts for the food and packaging industries.

Our Crimp Jaws Department manufactures Crimp Jaws for the Food packaging industry, but also works alongside the Packaging and Medical industry.

Work is undertaken in our purpose built 6000 square feet workshop, using the latest manufacturing technology.

Utilising the latest 5 Axis technology, and Cadcam 3D modeling facilities, initial inquiries can be dealt with swiftly, allowing Design and Manufacture to take place on site promptly.

With a multi skilled workforce of twelve our staff have a combined experience of hundreds of years.

Materials used are primarily food grade stainless steel, but crimp jaws can also be manufactured in brass, aluminium, mild steel and in exotic metals such as Monel and Super-Duplex.

Crimp jaws can also be Teflon or Armalloy coated , and hardened to suit the customers individual requirements.

Quantities manufactured are typically small batch and made bespoke for the customers particular machine.

We also manufacture punches and anvils for heated or cold forming

Customers come to us from all over the United Kingdom, as well as worldwide.

For a no obligation discussion on your Crimp Jaw requirements please call or email.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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